VPS Server: The Magic That Makes it Work

Before we jump into what makes a VPS server work, we need to determine what exactly a VPS server is and what it does. VPS hosting in the most basic sense is a server which hosts other networks; it has its own operating system and has specifically allocated resources that are found within a bigger server.

When a website is hosted on a VPS, it is in effect being hosted on a private server which has extremely powerful hardware.

The hardware itself has components divided within in which can all act independently if need be. the software is all separate from one another hence does not need to rely on other compartments within the server. The components themselves are virtual in nature and are not divided physically.

Thus conceptually if another website is hosted on the same server, there are no repercussions since virtually there are components merging with one another and they are all operating independently. The server resources which are physical in nature such as CPU, RAM, disk space and more are all independent and every website has its own. If there are other websites being hosted on a certain server; this will in no way affect how well your website is run. Thus you are paying for a great system that works like a charm.

If you would have to imagine it, you could think of it as several isolated rooms within a building; the server being the building and the websites being the isolated rooms. They work within the same space without interfering with the other.

With a VPS server, even if you are sharing virtual space with other websites, the kind of access you will get to your server will be similar to the ones you would get had it been an independently designated server. It might not feel that way, but you are still sharing your CPU, RAM, disk space and bandwidth with other ‘residents’ of the same server.

While a dedicated server is your own personal one with no sharing virtual or physical involved, it costs more than a VPS server and does the same job. With a VPS server you pay much less than you would have paid for a dedicated server and reap the same, if not better, benefits a good server provides.

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